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Raymond Williams: Welsh European


William Morris in Oxford by Tony Pinkney


Oxford was always a profoundly significant place to William Morris: ‘A kind of terror always falls upon me as I near it; indignation at wanton or rash changes mingles curiously in me with all that I remember I have lost since I was a lad and dwelling there.’ Previous studies of Morris and Oxford have concentrated on his student years. This lively and accessible book tells for the first time the full story of Morris’s dramatic late return to Oxford as an architectural and political activist, and of his powerful attempt to transform Oxford culture and to create a ‘new Oxford movement’.

"This is a lively and well documented book ... which extends our knowledge of Morris in illuminating ways... Pinkney has provided us with a book that it is a pleasure to read, in a form that is a credit to its publishers (not previously known to me), illuminati books of Grosmont. I hope it will be widely read", Peter Faulkner, Journal of William Morris Studies.

Published by illuminati books,12.95, 192 pages, ISBN 978 0 9555918 0 8


Virginia Woolf and December 1910: Studies in Rhetoric and Context

ISBN 978 0 9555918 1 5